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What is the artist’s limit?

adrift with summer breeze adrift with summer breeze mockup
adrift with summer breeze adrift with summer breeze mockup
sailboat adirift in the summer breeze, sails towards the sun, illustration about joy, youth and nature, sails on the ocean

It is aberrant to see artists who define themselves as such always draw, paint or sculpt the same subject, always use the same technique, if they make figurative art, they subjects always have the same expressions, the same faces, the same bodies, if they do abstract art they always paint the same geometric lines or the same informal, all the same, similar or almost different if nothing else in the colors.
I don’t want to seem superior to nobody, because I probably am not, but i love to discover new things, new expressions, new faces and new lines on which to weave my art, in short, I hate monotony, i can’t always do the same thing for a long time , it bores me.

minimal portraiture with flora and moon, modern design with mixed art






Some artists have mistaken me for a neophyte in search of my own style, well, isn’t it true, won’t it be they, the ones who always make the same style and subject, the neophytes, the limited ones?
Once I met a very good marble sculptor … but she only made angels, I find this to be a limitation of the artist, don’t you?
I would like to know other people’s opinion on this fact.
The power of change is in my opinion, keeping the soul and spirit alive.

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