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Oz, Layla 1965 - ?

Painting is silent poetry, a poetry that through the eyes and the imagination reaches the heart
by telling each of us a different story, making us feel an infinite emotion that intoxicates the spirit coming to our soul.

Layla Oz wins a prize at an exhibition of paintings for children at age seven, following his self-taught artistic passion, getting passionate to the drawing, then continues always experimenting with new techniques that give new and strong emotions. In the nineties, graduated as a restorer of antique furniture and wooden antiquity, opened his own workshop and continuing this activity for fifteen years, not forgetting the passion for painting and art, which keeps sneaking in your free time in various painting techniques and graphic. In the early years of the new millennium, decided to exhibit some works that are having a pleasant taste of the public.
Internet is the preferred carrier for display and sell their works.
The work
In my paintings femininity is the center of the universe, i use various artistic techniques to give form to my works, i do not like the monotony.
Many of my works are inspired by Pop Art

  • Ink and Brush

    It is the technique that I prefer to express my creativity, 80%

  • Pencils, charcoals and chalks

    Excellent for small jobs, 60%

  • Digital graphics

    The graphics are universally considered a minor art, usually an inexpensive substitute of painting, but it is no less interesting, the modern graphic techniques allow a considerable artistic expression. 60%

  • Watercolours

    The water paintings, also known as watercolors, with a good paper, have nothing to envy to an oil painting, often considered the elite of painting, in fact, with color transparencies who can give us is infinitely beautiful. The watercolors are also natural, and it is also why we prefer them, because living in full respect of nature and of the environment makes us feel better. After painting a watercolor we recycled 95% of what we used to create it. 70%

My work

Ideas and projects, manual skills and old crafts, old recipes for new horizons
The canvases and frames (pictorial media) are built by hand, from the wooden frames to priming of the canvases
When I can, I prefer to create colors using ancient techniques, using natural pigments and glues
Using mostly recycled materials, possibly vintage because, not only cheap, but the vintage materials are always better than the current
Sales & Marketing
I mainly use the Internet to display and sell my works / collaborations, I prefer it to the exhibitions, which have now become too expensive for a small artist


Eulogies and compliments from art collectors, customers and fans

Info and acquisitions How to order or buy an artwork

The surroundings

Thoughts of A midsummer night

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