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Our home as an contemporary art gallery

innamorata by layla oz

We can furnish our home with contemporary art as if we lived in an art gallery, a dream that finally comes true by following these simple rules, easy to realize

innamorata, ink drawing by layla oz
When we buy or decide to renovate a house we are very excited, but after the euphoria, the time comes to furnish it. In this case, one must orient oneself with the certain personal taste, but also with the expense budget that one has. We would all like a house furnished with original and unique design objects and furniture but the excessive cost of these pieces of furniture often makes us back off. The same thing is valid for those like me who love art passionately, the dream of each of us would be to have large spaces available to fill them with works of art, this dream can become real. Furnishing our new or old home with contemporary art is possible even if we do not have astronomical sums to invest, just follow some simple rules that can transform our home into our personal gallery where you can find harmony and fantasy to face a new day.

Maybe is easy

abishai mixed media ink by Layla Oz
Furnishing your home with contemporary art is easier than you can imagine, but the first thing that must not be missing is the ability to penetrate the mind with the imagination of the moment. When we renovate a house, buy a new one, or simply decide to give a new look to our current home, the decision of choosing the interior is very delicate, in this case we must not get caught up in excessive enthusiasm but we must start thinking calmly, sitting at a table and starting to design the spaces we have available, a cadastral plan is certainly helpful for having the exact measurements of our spaces that we will have to fill with taste. Only in this way can we be sure to create the environments we have always dreamed of. However, it is very important to follow some rules that will help us in choosing the furniture for our home, transforming it into a beautiful contemporary art gallery.

Color contrasts

irriverente ink drawing by layla oz
Let’s play with the colors. Even if the room has a minimal style or has a predominance of only one color, and we want to revive it, it is essential to choose for example a painting or a photograph that creates a strong chromatic impact but also an expressiveness inherent in our way of being. In fact, if we choose a subject with bright shades and that emotions the imagination and the mind, we will be able to capture the attention of those who enter the environment even for the first time. If the walls have a neutral color like ivory, white or cream, we can choose shades like blue, orange or yellow. If instead we decide to keep a minimal style and atmosphere, we can also opt for white and black, which usually adapt very well to any type of space.


Create little spaces by imagining small art galleries

If we have a particularly empty wall, we can transform it into a small art gallery by filling it with paintings or small and medium format photographs, with different sizes and themes. The result will appear as a mosaic of works of art that will create a decidedly impressive effect on the viewer. The advice is to choose the works of the same artist, or of a particular historical period, in order to create a common thread and fascinate the guests.

Combine different historical and artistic periods

mixed media painting dreaming like a child by layla oz
In another corner or area of our gallery house, instead of choosing a single historical period or a single artist we can mix multiple styles and artistic periods. The contrast of these works can enhance and infuse our personality to the environments, for example by combining a contemporary sculpture with a modern painting or modern art, in this space we can also insert a contemporary contemporary piece of furniture and enhance it with vintage ornaments according to our taste, even with vintage role-playing or board games, which will fascinate and intrigue any guest.

Valorise the stairs

three tones orchids by Layla Oz
if our house is on several levels and has one or more stairs inside, we must try to give it added value as they can become an integral part of our home furnishings. the wall of the staircase we use as a display of wall works, a small art gallery that will accompany guests to the upper floor. If they are very wide, we can use them in addition as shelves in which to place vases and period objects, they will be perfect to create a contrast between modern and ancient, with elegance and care.

Search calmly

love you by layla oz
let’s calmly do our research, obviously it is not my case because my house is also my studio, and it is furnished with my paintings of which at every sale I separate myself with great sadness. We are therefore looking for the artists we are most passionate about by purchasing the works little by little, thinking and shaping our taste well with the context in which we will decide to insert them.
They are on the web, but also not, very good emerging artists whose selling prices are accessible to all budgets, we choose the works according to what we like most and stimulates our inner senses.
With a little luck one day who knows … maybe we will realize that we have also made an excellent investment.
As for the particular vintage objects and not, we can much more calmly rummage the attics and cellars of relatives and friends, and with a little luck we will find things with crazy experiences that will give our environment beyond the atmosphere, even a little of the character of those who owned them.

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