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Nft, a new frontier or a big bubble?

nft art to the wall

Nobody knows, all that is currently known is that it is inversely linked to the cryptocurrency market, i premise that i am not an expert, but a simple user so i will not go into technical details that i do not know.

A my painting edited in Nft animation
A my painting digitally edited as Nft animation that was minted and listed on Opensea

It is my opinion that if the cryptocurrency market goes down, the nft works become more attractive to collectors the Nft works as it is assumed that in this phase they will only increase in value, because the collector is known, as well as collecting beauty collects also and above all, value.

Therefore to say today whether the NFT will be an important branch of art or just a passing phenomenon is very difficult, it also depends a lot on the future of the metaverse and what importance it will have in our lives, for now they are both new phenomena, phenomena in which someone will gain and others will lose.

It is very true, however, that today, using the latest generation technological supports, multimedia paintings or animations can also be hung on the walls of the house and therefore enjoy them in their entirety, not just by looking at them on the phone or on the PC.

I personally have tried to a small section of my work on Opensea, mostly to be there, but until now i have no practical feedback, I have only spent money, but i prefer to say that I voluntarily contributed to a free initiative.

2023.08 Update.

I decided to remove all my works from the NFT marketplaces, I removed all pages and accounts, in almost a year I have not had any practical feedback, only many potential scammers contacted me, I don’t understand much, maybe I am too old to understand these things, I also see crap proposed as art, I really don’t understand this strange way of selling.
Better to retire and not waste any more time in vain.

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