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My paintings

My paintings are not for the mass, I have no ambition to see my works for sale on Amazon in the midst of pots and pans and ordinary items.

luglio, layla oz, 2015
Luglio, Layla Oz, 2015

I prefer to propose a work of quality and refined beauty rather than amassing repetitive subjects one on top of the other with no logical sense except that which leads a sick and self-centered artist to produce works on the assembly line, he will inevitably remain smashed under the weight that he himself created.

So dear visitor, you will never see one of my paintings on Amazon in the middle of appliances and cookware, if you want a mass painting and for the mass you have to turn to someone who lives among the kangaroos who one time accused me of copying his technique and works and to do fan art, while the truth is that I with the technique of old paper street art and comic-style ink drawings, already has decorated and selling a many furniture in the end of the last century.

Some people’s megalomania is disgusting, this walking kangaroo copies subjects from random photos and then accuses me of copying his works and making fan art (I would be his fan according to him .. Ha Ha Ha) but forget to mention, between the other things , that he himself has copied from a photo downloaded from the Internet reproducing the subject without having any real right on it … but apart from that, how can I know that he too has painted the same subject, I have never followed his work , but apparently he follows mine assiduously.

Crazy stuff, but unfortunately this is the world and we have to live with it …

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