Dear artist I write to you

Selling art online, aside that it is very difficult, but if there is too much bureaucracy,
it becomes impossible, in this case I mention my experience with saatchiart

Four things you need to know if you sell your own work of Saatchiart and they tell you, and they will required you only at the time of sale:take your time illustration

    • If you are Italian citizen, you need a certificate of authenticity of your work issued by the Ministry of cultural heritage of your country
    • If you are Italian citizen, you need the certificate of export of works of art issued by the Ministry of cultural heritage of your country if the work is to be shipped abroad,
    • The money you take them after 30 days, provided that those who have bought the work we do not rethink.
    • It is not expected from the gallery to take a stage name or a pseudonym, because if you do, the transport documents shall be headed to the alias, and then it will be impossible or at least difficult to ship.
      And this makes me smile if not laugh, Alberto Savinio could never sell a work by that name, if it had existed in his time saatchiart.

Therefore dear creative (worse if you’re Italian),that you are about to sell your own online work, you do well attention, because the bureaucracy has arrived also in art, and it does not take into account whether your art has capital A or not, every time you sell anything outside your country, you will need to make the bureaucratic procedure.

We must specify that the second point concerning the export, has not decided by saatchiart, but by the Italian state, and is mandatory if you do not want to risk that the work sold be stopped to the exit customs or entry, with obvious repercussions on the sale.

In a globalized world…the state does not remain incorporated 🙂 … And bureaucratises everything and even more … and say that globalization have determined their own … Mha!

You find most informations about all this bureaucracy to this address(italian only):
esportazione e importazione opere d’arte e affini

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