When the net is a cage

With addictions can earn many money and the refined minds know it.

Do you like to sell your collections or your creations?
Do you buy many trivial things online that you do not need, often paying for shipping more than the value of the purchased item?

no face portrait by Layla OzMany websites, including e-commerce ones, use various commissions and subscriptions for sellers, many of them take advantage by your addiction on them, starting with low rates to gradually increase them.

They create a vicious circle around you to make sure that every day you are there waiting for something to happen, that someone purchases your creation, pushed your mind to get more and more and you could see the way in some for a fee extra visibility to succeed.
Appreciations, small hearts, likes are made specifically to keep you busy and partially satisfied, to let you do the log in on that platform also tomorrow, even if the reality you have not concluded anything real as a transaction or a business contact.

Addiction … yes, really addiction, maybe not everyone knows that using the net generates a pathological addiction in many of us, be able to sell online often can generates pathological addiction, the managers of the big e-commerce platforms know it, and the most dishonest ones take advantage of it, they uses your unaware illness to make money.

If a website offers you an extra paid service to have an extra gear compared to other sellers as an extra annual subscription or an advertising service inside theirs platform they probably take advantage by your addiction.

In fact usually you pay only a commission in % on sales, and it is in the common interest of the seller and the e-commerce platform that all sellers selling, more sales, more the platform earns, why they offer extra paid services without guarantee of result?

Be careful, maybe you’re in the cage and you have not even noticed.

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