The art caimans, tips for artists and their work

The art caimans

Some tips for artists and their work, not spend useless money

For a few years the web has been fed almost exclusively by the ego of people, we see it with social networks, supported almost exclusively by selfie and more or less personal videos that users are uploading for the sole purpose of gaining appreciation …look how beautiful i am, look how good I am or watch how I’m having fun, these are, in practice, the thoughts of most of social’s networks users, and if they are reflected on the mass, of most of people.

Original & Art printwithout you ink drawing by layla oz

If, on the one hand, only the thought that our society has reduced to this, puts anxiety and infinite sadness, on the other hand there are who take advantage from this to have huge gains, all of us (maybe not) we know the billionaires numbers of the gain of the ‘socials’ websites.

The same thing is happening in art, are born like mushrooms  websites specializing in ‘virtual exhibitions’ where many artists or
pseudo-artists, can exhibit their works, gaining appreciation from other users of the site, often by clicking on a little heart.

Up to here there would be nothing wrong with it,  but creating and maintaining a website has a cost that someone, in one way or another has to pay, some of these sites are funded by advertisements placed on the pages, others by artists who pay an annual membership fee to exhibit their works, this quota usually also includes the ability to add a payment button to the works, and then propose them for direct sale. I write ‘usually’, because this is not always the case, some of these sites even ask for a sum ‘per item’ for any work that the user intends to exhibit for sale, and a percentage of each sale made.
On the percentage there would be no objections, since you, web site manager, have made me a gain that maybe I would not have, but about ‘per item’ quota..Well, it’s obvious that if they ask me a so many money non-refundable, just to try sell, often outsourcing this service as ‘extra visibility’, meaning they have mathematical certainty that certainly i will not sell anything; they simply protect their, surely, gain.

quale futuroSome of these websites also invite artists to participate in real exhibitions, organizers of thematic exhibitions and not,  collective exhibitions for novel artists are not lacking, indeed I would say they abound … What an easy way to make money?.
The artist who lets him carry his ego loves dreaming, and imagines becoming appreciated, and perhaps also famous and wealthy. Friends also good artists, they have spent small fortunes by subjugating them from dreams of glory, without ever having any real results.

At this point I want to tell you how much it costs a webspace of 100GB, with unlimited bandwidth, with your domain registration, and you can draw your own conclusions in terms of honesty.
A web space as described above with the ability to install any application, including a full ecommerce site (there are several completely free ones, the same as the ones that use large platforms) costs about 2 euros per month.

Original & Art print

If you are an artist and you are interested in developing this idea, you can read this guide.

The art caimans are lurking under the water, silent, waiting for prey, unaware that, venturing into their space of action.

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  • EXACT ,entierement d’accord ,tout est exact (je suis artiste-peintre et photographe et j’en ai connu ,vu ,entendu et ils m’ont TOUS sollicités .Je n’expose sur les sites online que si cela est gratuit ,la commission que demande ces sites est normal et j’expose egalement en galerie et leur com.est normal si ils s’occupent de vous les autres ,tous les autres sont des requins ou caimans qui jouent sur l’ego des gens.
    Merci d’avoir eut le courage d’ecrire cela

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