March 3, 2016

Purchases and informations of artworks

The work

In my paintings femininity is the center of the universe, i use various artistic techniques to give form to my works, i do not like the monotony, purchases and informations about Layla Oz’s artworks.

Many of my works are inspired by Pop Art

A bit of history about this artistic movement:
Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-fifties in the UK and in the early sixties in the United States; Pop art has presented a challenge to the traditions of art by including imagery from popular culture such as advertising and news. The material object of artistic expression is, at times, visually removed from its known context, isolated, and in combination with foreign material. The concept of pop art refers not so much to the art itself, but rather the attitudes that determine it.

My ‘pop’:
My idea of pop art was born in 2006, when i had the intuition of decorating the old furniture, with newspapers and magazines. We brought this furniture around Italy, in antique markets and specialized fairs, we have sold many.
So, after that the trend of the ‘pop art furniture’ slowly passed, in 2010 i started drawing portraits and illustrations on ancient uniques pages of books, [some of that era you can find them on sale here].

I do not know if mine is Pop Art understood as pure, certainly is inspired by the same guidelines, i think that my works are a little less ‘Pop’ and a little more ‘Art’ 🙂

Twenty years of experience in the artistic sector.

This is a part of my studio.
I use almost always lived materials for artistic support.
The canvases and wooden frames are totally made by hand, usually the fibers are jute, flax or cotton, specially treated by me to paint or to receive paper applications.

The watercolors and similar are Winsor & Newton, in some cases they are handmade by natural pigments.
The Indian ink is specially treated by me to draw and paint

Fine art prints

I use a professional studio for print, my art prints are not homemade, are printed by professional printers on high quality art paper with high quality inks.

art prints exibition

Packaging and Shipping

  • The artworks before being shipped are carefully packed, all the original paintings of big dimensions are completely packaged and inserted in a wooden case to ensure easy transportation and a delivery without damages.
  • All the artworks of small dimensions are packed with cardboard insert, poly bag, in a strongly padded envelope.
    accurate artworks packaging

The international shipment of big dimension artworks occur via logistic operators such as DHL or SDA with on-line tracking code.
The shipment of small artworks occur by registered mail with on-line tracking code, or, in the case of small orders, less than 20 €, by ordinary mail.


In the site shop currently we sell only original large and small works on canvas, cardboard, and paper, and some reproduction of originals as fine art prints. In the website’s shop we offer worldwide free shipping on all artworks and fine art prints, without any fees added, direct purchases via Paypal’s secure payment gateway/website or via SEPA bank transfer.

Layla Oz artworks shop

Click & Go

Update 2018, May

While proposing the payment through Paypal and the utmost seriousness in two years we never sold anything through the website shop, who knows, maybe people do not have enough confidence, so we decided to suspend the sale directly in website’s store indefinitely considering the time spent on its management to be wasted. Artworks are availables only by enquiry.

My artworks are currently exhibited in some art galleries. 🙁

If you want information about my original works, or about buying one of them, you can easily contact me through the ‘Enquiry’ form located on the page of each artwork on sale, you can also read the FAQs page.

If you need custom work, a portrait, or a custom art print (giclee) of some of my work, you can explain your needs.

If you are a company or a business and you need an advertising illustration or logo for your business, I will work to make your business more attractive.

You can contact me via e-mail or through the enquiry form, or or through the form ‘Write me‘, if you prefer to use social media to contact me… why not … you can !!

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