Love for pencils

Love for pencils was my first love with art techniques.

tenderlyIn this period I started the trip of using pencils again, the first love is never forgotten, so they say, this is the confirmation.
I found some old pencils that I hadn’t used for a long time and I said to myself, why not use them again to create some beautiful work.

What can be done with pencils and graphite has no boundaries, or at least I can express myself very well with this medium, giving faces the necessary light and shadows is not easy, but I must say that I am doing quite well even if perfection is far away, or it seems far to me, we know that self-criticism in artists is always present, at least in me it is. I sometimes finish a work and see it beautiful, look at it the next day and see some defects or even find it really ugly, so ugly that I don’t want to publish it.
This technique allows me to create cheap works by only needing quality pencils and fine art paper, so even the novice collector can approach the world of art without having to spend high amounts.

You can see any latest works with this beautiful medium here or easy navigate to the images below

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