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two litle girls and a rope

POD a print on demand experience

I want to tell you about this experience of mine because it borders on the far-fetched, maybe there is an answer to why there is a tendency towards ugliness today?
looking the sky

Digital Art

The term Digital Art encompasses a wide range of techniques that use digital technology as part of the artistic process. Let's explore what digital art really means, its historical roots…
ai generated astronaut girl

Art and artificial intelligence

Midsummer reflections on artificial intelligence and its application in the artistic branch, is it a help for artists or a penalty? Let's try to analyze it

Export art from Italy and import taxes

Import taxes and fees on works of art from Italy. We will try to make some clarity about import taxes on original artwork, which like any other goods purchased in…
nft art to the wall

Nft, a new frontier or a big bubble?

Nobody knows, at the moment we only know that NFTs are inversely linked to the cryptocurrency market, NFTs support crypto or is the opposite true?

Mediums in art mean

What are the different types of artistic media and what is and what does the word medium mean in art or the various tools and methods that artists use
adrift with summer breeze

What is the artist’s limit?

Is the artist who always paints, carves or draws the same subject and uses the same technique to be defined limited or simply monotonous? I would like to know other…

Love for pencils

Love for pencils was my first love for artistic techniques, in this period I started the mental journey of using pencils again, the first love is never forgotten, so they…

My paintings

My paintings are not for the mass, I have no ambition to see my works for sale on Amazon in the midst of pots and pans and ordinary items.
at the beach in the early 19th century by Layla Oz

Aluminizing the prints

Today i found this ancient recipe to perform the ancient technique of aluminizing prints, from alum, also called miniature, i want to share it with you.
innamorata mochup by Layla Oz

Our home as an contemporary art gallery

We can furnish our home with contemporary art as if we lived in an art gallery, a dream that finally comes true by following these simple rules, easy !
no face portrait by Layla Oz

When the net is a cage

With addictions can earn many money and the refined minds know it. Do you like to sell your collections or your creations? Do you buy many trivial things online that…
sweet thoughts_500_by_Layla_Oz

A little bit of Dada story

The term 'authenticity' is multifaceted, from its common definition right through to its complex Existentialist meaning, what is clear, through this plurality of sense

Decorate your home with art prints

How to make your living space more welcoming and personal, decorating the walls with quality art but cheaply with the art prints.
Sexy chef

The man who dreams | sad poem

sad poem, the man who dreams | When sleep comes, with him coming sometimes even the looks and the smiles of young beautiful women

Dear artist I write to you

selling online art, apart that it is very difficult, but if there is too much bureaucracy, it becomes impossible, in this case i mention my experience with saatchiart

The purpose

The purpose of every artist is to stop the motion, which is life

The women of Layla

every woman is a living work of art, translate it on a wall or on a canvas using color or drawing

The artist

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over

All art requires courage

the courage of an artist to expose himself not knowing whether his art will be liked to everyone