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Art and artificial intelligence

ai generated astronaut girl with prompt girl on mars with sunglasses

Midsummer reflections on artificial intelligence and its application in the artistic branch, is it a help for artists or a penalty?

Let’s try to analyze together this new technology, pros and cons and its applications in the art sector.

Sometimes I think the artist’s work is almost finished, maybe it’s my innate pessimism that makes me think this or maybe it’s realism?

Perhaps when anyone, writing a prompt words in a form, will be able to generate an artistic image, the work of the small artist and little illustrator will be finished, like many others in this age of technological change.

Why should the publisher or author of a book commission the illustrations to the graphic artist if he can generate them himself with just a few clicks and very little expense?

ai generated astronaut girl with prompt girl on mars with sunglasses
AI generated image in comic style with prompt words “Girl on Mars with sunglasses”

No artist for now is penalized by this new technology, because so far it is quite difficult to use it with high quality results, the platforms that allow this are few and it is difficult to register, often there are multiple filters, and not all users are accepted , a bit like entering a trendy or luxury Club or being part of an exclusive circle.

For these reasons, I believe that there is great euphoria among artists on this subject, especially among the few who have managed to access these high-quality resources.

But what will happen when this technology becomes so popular as to be within everyone’s reach?
Will the same artists who flaunted it be penalized or will AI be another flag to be carried as a trophy?

On the subject, artists are divided between those who think that AI is an aid to the artist’s work and those who are skeptical about it, in any case everything changes and everything is transformed over time, I belong to the generation of the mid-twentieth century , perhaps too old by now to understand certain things.

I leave it up to you, reader, artist, collector or simply curious, the burden of giving an answer to these questions that my interior sometimes asks me and to which I can’t answer with certainty, leave a comment below if you want, and perhaps together, who knows, we could understand something more on this subject.

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